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Coffee & Traditions main goal is to promote and sell Portuguese specialty food in the UK. Coffee & Traditions represents top quality Portuguese food brands such as Christina, Q & Q – queques e queijadas, and others. Our mission is to show a little bit of portuguese emotion and tradition at the table.

For that we have a professional team that will be very happy to visit your coffee house, restaurant, hotel and where you wan't us to go share our's emotions and traditions.


The Nestlé® Brand "Coffee Christina" came from a true story, when in 1804, the merchant José Iria Carvalhal attributed his wife's name, Christina, to its chocolate and roasting coffee business.

He couldn't imagine that it would be a passion that would last until our days. It was also his passion for excellence that led him to develop this unique coffee. A passion that has been enhanced for over 200 years, until muster the best Arabicas and Robustas and find the perfect combination for the senses. For its history, tradition and experience.

A passion that endures through time and is shared by all.


“We are a company specialized in producing Regional Sweets, we made always obeying the original manufacturing method. We acquired fifteen years experience in the market and continue to produce the same quality, always using the best raw material and keeping rigor in the image and taste of our products. All our manufacture is produced without using colorants, and preservatives, complying with the International rules HACCP¹. ¹ HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points – is a food safety system designed to prevent the occurrence of potential problems during operations with food.”

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